Showcasing all that is unique and alternative, The Lost Picture Show has an elegant boudoir feel that envelops one in an oasis of calm amidst the bedlam and pace of the rest of the festival.
The red velvet drapes and the cushions gave the cinema the feel of a secret club.
Opulent decor... To step from a muddy field into a plush cinema was surreal, like walking into a David Lynch film.- Visitors at The Big Chill and
Shambala festivals

Prepare to take a trip back in time to the golden age of movie-going…

Step inside and encounter the past in vivid detail – a vintage cinema in intricately sewn and draped fabric, its swags and contours gently illuminated, its corners dark and atmospheric.

Smartly turned-out usherettes whisper salacious gossip about long dead stars over trays of ice cream, soda and popcorn. The audience recline in luxurious velvet seating while low tables and flickering chandeliers complete the effect of a ghostly apparition of a time and place long forgotten.

Welcome to The Lost Picture Show…