Come to the fields with us!

WANTED: Set builders to join us taking our glorious pop-up picture palace on the road to two festivals in August.

Unique and innovative touring cinema project, which takes the audience on a trip back in time to the birth of cinema – encompassing a hand-built, sumptuous cinema modelled on the picture palaces of old and a mix of classic film and live performance.

Founded in 2009, we’ve previously run at Glastonbury, Bestival and Boomtown festivals where we have had superb audience feedback. This year we are visiting:

Wilderness, 6-9 August (on site 2-11 Aug)
Shambala, 27-30 August (on site 23 Aug–1 Sept)

The set, made entirely from embroidered fabric and velvet on a metal structure is spectacular and intricate, and gets an amazing (sometimes dumbstruck) reaction from visitors.

Aid with build on site at the festivals. Most of the set is pre-built in parts, so there’s not a lot of carpentry involved, but it’s a complex construction. You need to have experience in building things, a detailed eye, and some degree of physical strength.

You may be looking to get more experience, or a chance to get out into the fields to work on a great little project with a friendly team in a fun festival environment. Either way, the finished construction looks spectacular and would be a great addition to a portfolio.

You may be available for one or other of the festivals, or both.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers on a shoestring budget, so we cannot offer pay. However, all travel expenses are covered, you’ll be well fed and watered/cidered and of course free entry to the festivals. It’s also a lot of fun!

Please send CV or email summarising your experience and interest to:

Come to Boomtown with us!

Want to take a trip to Boomtown with the most lavish and luxurious cinema to be found in any field?

We are looking for staff to help run our cafe in the venue at Boomtown.

Dates are: Thurs 7th – Sun 10th Aug. You need to arrive on site on Thurs lunchtime for briefing, and stay until end of the festival to leave on Monday.

We all work as volunteers, so there is no pay available. However, you’d get a ticket to the festival, crew camping, and meals when you’re on shift. You’d need to do three 6-hour shifts during the course of the festival, and (very fine) costume will be provided.

If interested, please email
Please include a CV, or brief summary of your experience in cafes/bars/festivals.

Join us!

Want to come join us and build beautiful things for the festivals?

WANTED: Set builders to join the The Lost Picture Show team, to take our glorious pop-up picture palace on the road to 2 festivals in August, and assist with pre-build in London 17-30 July.

Unique and innovative touring cinema project, which takes the audience on a trip back in time to the birth of cinema – encompassing a hand-built, sumptuously-designed cinema tent modelled on the picture palaces of old and a mixture of classic film and live performance.

Founded in 2009, we’ve previously run at Glastonbury, Big Chill, Bestival and Shambala festivals where we have had superb audience feedback. This year we are visiting:

Boomtown, 7-10 August
Shambala, 21-24 August

The set, made entirely from embroidered fabric and velvet on a metal structure is spectacular and intricate, and gets an amazing (sometimes dumbstruck) reaction from visitors. 

To aid with build on site at the festivals and pre-build of some set elements in London 17-30 July at Blackhorse Workshop, Walthamstow.

The London build is primarily metalwork including welding. You need not necessarily have metalwork experience, but should have some aptitude for making things e.g. carpentry.

You may be looking to get more experience, or a chance to get out of town and into the fields to work on a great little project with a friendly team in a fun festival environment. Either way, the finished construction looks spectacular and would be a great addition to a portfolio.

Availability for some of the London build and at least one of the festivals is ideal.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers on a shoestring budget, so we cannot offer pay. However, all travel expenses are covered, you’ll be well fed and watered/cidered and of course free entry to the festivals.

Interested? Please send CV or email summarising your experience to:

We’re hiring – Touring consultant

We are looking for a UK Festival Touring Advisor to work with us on a feasibility study for a brand new mobile venue: The Double Decker Cinema. Work has already begun on the initial planning, design and costing of the project, and we are now looking for a specialist to provide advice on touring options to arts festivals for when the vehicle is completed.

This is a freelance role taking place throughout November-December 2013, with an anticipated commitment of approx. 3 days in total, to include meetings and any research undertaken. A fee is available.

For further information, a full brief is available here.

To apply please send an up to date copy of your CV plus a concise outline of your suitability for the post and interest in the role (400 words max) by 10am on Wed 30 October to

Join our crew!

Fancy a summer of film and festivals?

We are looking to recruit a production assistant to join our small team.

To aid in all aspects of organising our festival tour this summer.

- event planning
- social media/marketing
- programming
- administration
- running the venue at the festivals

You would be available to work part-time starting as soon as possible until the end of our tour in August, based primarily at our office in Dalston, East London. Ideally, you would also be available to come to both Glastonbury and Shambala to assist with running the venue at both the festivals. You may have some experience working in film/arts events, but enthusiasm, intelligence and initiative are the most important characteristics for this role. It would also help if your idea of fun is wading in mud, taking great cinema to the people!

We run not-for-profit and on a shoe-string budget so this is an unpaid volunteer position. However, we will keep you well fed, cover all travel expenses and you’ll get free entry to the festivals. If you’re interested in film, arts or events, this is a great opportunity to get hands-on involvement in a project from planning right through to production, working with a small, dedicated, collaborative and friendly team on a production that gets an amazing reception wherever it goes. And, of course, you’d be spending the summer at two of the best festivals in the country…

Email by Tues 4th June. Please include:

- CV or summary of experience
- details of your availability
- brief statement outlining your interest in the project


Lost Picture Show returns to Glastonbury

This way to Glastonbury...

We are pleased to announce that we are returning to the biggest, baddest festival of them all this summer… Glastonbury.

You’ll be able to find us in The Common, in the late night area next to Shangri-la.

We’ll be cooking up an array of cinematic delights from Central and South America, and bringing back our lavish cocktail lounge, featuring the finest (and strongest) Mojitos this side of Havana. The programme is staying under wraps until the festival, but if you want a sneak peak in advance, sign up to our newsletter.

Want to tell us what you’d like to see? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Lost Picture Show hosts a Rooftop cinema at Land of Kings

Land of Kings

After 4 years of touring Glastonbury, Shambala and Bestival, The Lost Picture Show take their first foray outside of muddy fields to bring a special programme of film and music to Land Of Kings festival on the lush Dalston Roof Park.

Ease into the evening with cocktails on the roof and a sunset selection of dreamy film soundtracks.

Once darkness falls and the projector beam flickers into life, there’ll be cutting-edge short film and music videos from London Short Film Festival, an exclusive performance by Fanfarlo, performing a brass, strings and woodwind live accompaniment to Choni the Circle Maker. The psychedelic whirl of Orchestra Elastique will soundtrack a forgotten classic and, to top it all off, the opportunity to sing your heart out in the wonderfully ridiculous Film Soundtrack Karaoke, courtesy of The Sound Of Film.

This is not definitely not your average night at the pictures!

Tell us what you think on our Facebook page








  • Fanfarlo live musical rescore of ‘Choni the Circle Maker’ (dir. Adam B. Daniels)

Cabalistic symbolism and with nods to the silent film aesthetic, this stark staging of a Semitic folk tale explores human relationships with higher beings.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 16.44.12




  • Orchestra Elastique live musical score of Victorian sci-fi and Maya Deren’s surreal expression.

An ever-different expansive live improv freakout – ranging from subtle dreams to explosive psychedelia, their performances elasticate mind, senses and spacetime.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 16.49.00



Belt out your guiltiest pleasures from film soundtracks from 80’s hi-fi to cult classics with a backdrop of iconic film clips to set you in the scene.

The Sound of Film

LSFF logoScreen Shot 2013-04-24 at 12.46.49

The Lost Picture Show’s 12 Films of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my cinema gave to meeeee… twelve overlooked and twistedly festive films!

As the winter nights draw in, we’re pulling the curtains to and curling up with some winter home viewing. Here’s our esoteric winter collection – an antidote to the It’s a Wonderful Life-fest that will be invading our holidays.

Chosen by the merry band of revellers that is the Lost Picture Show crew, this collection is our own alternative list of winter warmers – and we’re spiking the punch with killer Santas, dysfunctional love stories, schizophrenic visions and cinematic greatness.

Got any winter favourites of your own? Tell us what you like to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s night on our Facebook page.

Passion of Joan of Arc The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)
A miraculous masterpiece of cinema, featuring one of its greatest ever performances by Falconetti as the saint in her last days before execution.

“A stunning new restoration is just out on Blu-ray from Eureka’s Masters of Cinema with a book containing essays about the film from the likes of Andre Bazin, Chris Marker and Luis Buñuel. Top of my film geek Christmas list.”- Muffin, Film programmer


Smoke Smoke (1995)
The tag line says it all: Five strangers. Four secrets. Three schemes. Two best friends. And one neighborhood hangout where the world still makes sense. The tobacconists as community centre!

“You should really stumble across this film on a late on a Thursday evening – its charm keeping you on the sofa just beyond bedtime. Possibly the most beautiful end credit sequence I’ve ever seen. Try not to be put off by the bizarrely inappropriate DVD sleeve!” – Steph, Production manager

DVD BluRay

Return to Oz Return to Oz (1985)
Dorothy escapes from a psychiatric hospital and is called back to Oz. Darker and more deranged than the original, and directed by Walter Murch, editor of Apocalypse Now.

“This film was my absolute favourite from when I was a child, it has the perfect balance of terrifying and fantastical. It’s weirdly a sort of psychological thriller but for kids, with amazing costumes and wonderful characters.”- Lora, Fabric maestro


Trust Trust (1990)
An unlikely love story emerges from the wreckage of life in this twisted comedy from the man who practically invented indie cool, Hal Hartley.

“Pregnant girl meets boy with a hand grenade…”- Neil, Electrician and unbelievably handy man


Silent Night Deadly Night Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)
This gruesome Christmas slasher horror features a killing spree from a crazed orphan dressed as Santa. The film inspired parents to picket and spawned 4 sequels.

“A Santa-clad rampage that really does make a judgement on who has been naughty and who has been nice”- Jon, Film programmer and cocktail master


Naked Naked (1993)
A hard-knock life laid bare saw this gritty, nihilistic and darkly humorous film wander through London and straight into awards for Best Actor and Best Director at Cannes. A lesser-known jem from Brit-film godfather Mike Leigh.

“Perfect for this moment in time, because of its bleak Thatcher winter; ranting anti-hero and Werewolf / Jekyll and Hyde critique of misogyny”- Angus, Build crew


Heimat Heimat: A Chronicle of Germany (1984)
The journey of a German village from 1919-1982.

“For those wanting to escape Christmas entirely I recommend ‘Heimat’, Edgar Reitz’s majestic chronicle of twentieth century German history told through the eyes of a Hundsruck family. At fifteen hours it’s the perfect excuse for not having to shop or cook!”- Phil, Bar manager


Hanna Hanna (2011)
A 16-year-old assassin sets off across Europe.

“Fantastic soundtrack from the Chemical Brothers. Real fairy tale feel to parts of it, with classic baddies, great for the winter season.”- Juliet, Bar manager and set-dresser

DVD BluRay

The Third Man The Third Man (1949)
A noir thriller on the shady streets of Vienna that won an Oscar, a BAFTA and at Cannes.

“For managing to be cheerful, sinister, light hearted and shocking all at the same time. And best theme song of all time. Fact.”- Pat, Programming assistant

DVD BluRay

Primer Primer (2004)

“A pensive, intellectual and somewhat unsettling movie about what happens when you put two under-paid and over-qualified engineers in a spare garage for too long. They create a piece of technology that confounds even their own genius. Go out to make a cuppa whilst watching this, and you’ll completely lose the plot. The screenplay’s so tight you enter each scene half way through the conversation, so the complete and utter brilliance of this film is trying to work out what the hell they’ve been building in there.”- Lydia, Creative producer


Take Shelter Take Shelter (2011)

“A suburban American man battles a rapid descent into paranoid schizophrenia, visualised by a starkly metaphoric incomming storm. He must decide whether he needs to protect his family from it or from him. Very powerful contrasts between the two storms, the real and the incorporeal, and a profound ending leaves you with much to think about.”- Will, Build crew

DVD BluRay

Network Network (1976)
Three decades old, but maybe even more relevant now than it was on release, this dark dark comedy follows US TV anchor Howard Beale after he announces that he’s “Mad as hell and not going to take it any more” and plans to commit suicide live on air.

“Manages to pull off the trick of being a film that has something important to say – a cutting diatribe on the way alternative culture is subsumed and exploited by commercial interests – and simultaeously to be very very funny. Merry f**king Christmas!”- Jim, Director


What do you think of our selection? Let us know here.

Quadrangle – the best possible end to the season

Quadrangle Film Festival / The Quadrangle, Shoreham, Kent / 14-15 September 2012

Our last festival of the season, and possibly one of the most glorious weekends of film viewing/discussing/snarffling ever to be, Quadrangle is a tiny documentary festival (allocating just 150 weekend-long tickets) – set in a spectacularly bucolic location in the barns, stables, granary and meadows of Quadrangle Trust farm. It even has its own little river. The people were wonderful, the film and events programme small but perfectly-formed, and the atmosphere (from being awoken by a chiming bell in the mornings, to eating banquet-style all together by candlelight) made it a simply magical festival, long to be remembered and certain to be re-attended.

We saw some awe-inspiring and thought-provoking films and talks, including:

- Salaam Cinema (with Q&A from director Mohsen Makhmalbaf)
- Kim Loginotto‘s talk on how she works (imperative to see ALL of her films now)
- Enjoy Poverty
- Facing the Music
- London: The Modern Babylon

The full film programme:

We were there just to provide a bit of sumptuousness to the Cinema in the Field, operated by our new-found friends and collaborators the Kitchen Sink Collective, (programming a happy hour audience choice of classic docs as well as their own stuff), and to shake up some decadent cocktails in the Field Bar. Oh, but there were many many Mojitos and Bloody Marys ’round the campfire! This was our last outing to the fields for the season, but we’ll be up to our tricks over the Autumn and Winter. So, see you soon!

A Beastly time at Bestival

Bestival / Isle of Wight / 6-9th September 2012

Bestival was a whirlwind of animalistic costumes, joyous dancing, human rivers flowing to the brilliant main stage acts, and days of glorious Summer sunshine. Our first year at this island escape fest, we were overwhelmed by the response to our lush haven and feral film programme. We were especially delighted to be working in partnership with Branchage (in a takeover the Lost Picture Show for sets of comedy, music and live scores), Midnight Movies and The Sound of Film to bring some wild revelry to the fields.

With all that was going on, we’re glad we didn’t miss:

- Stevie Wonder!
- The resplendent Sigur Ros
- Waking up with lindy hop grooving dance sessions in the amazing spiegeltent
- Continuous merriment in the Knees Up tent, especially the outstanding Ida Barr
- Early morning transcendental meditation in the ampitheatre with David Lynch Foundation


Teeth of the Sea performing “Beyond the Transfinite”

Lots more pictures in our Bestival gallery on Facebook:



An opening day of films featuring all that is twisted and strange about us humans from freaks and geeks to the filthiest people alive, with a peppering of animalistic transformations and a hint of the urge to massacre.

- 18:30 Freaks

- 20:00 Brazil

- 22:30 Pink Flamingos

- 00:15 The Fly



From outer space and out of the closet, we’ve got creeping creatures to haunt and delight. 11:00 Good Morning Bestival film

- a documentary made at last year’s festival.

- 12:25 London Short Film Festival: Music Shorts

An Afternoon with Branchage

  • 13:15  The Memory Band perform folk film soundtrack songs – a selection of music from classic British films, including Far From The Madding Crowd, The Wicker Man, Barry Lyndon and The Innocents.
  • 14:00 Kate Hutchison live radio show
  • 15:30  Pleb Talks: Wildlife & Cinema theme – The world’s first, only, and who knows, perhaps last ‘comedy think tank.’
  • 17:45  This is the Kit live soundtrack of Here’s a Health to Barley Mow – A BFI-curated National Archive programme of short films from 1912 onwards, accompanied by a live soundtrack by Bristol and Paris based folk outfit

- 19:15 The Muppet Show – two classic episodes featuring John Cleese and Julie Andrews

- 20:30 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – Courtesy of Eureka!

- 22:00 Barbarella

- 00.00 Midnight Movies present: All-Night Creature Features (Predator & The Thing) and interactive mayhem



Frisky felines, imaginary pets, toothy tyrants and even a bit of monkey madness. Beasties friendly and fierce take the screen, along with some very special guests.

- 11:00 Harvey

- 14.00 Last Shop Standing: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop
With an introduction and Q&A from Graham Jones, author of the book ‘Last Shop Standing (Whatever Happened to Record Shops?)’

Branchage Late Night Double Bill: Live Soundtracks

- 00:45 The Birds

- 02:30 Fritz the Cat



Classic films for anyone who has been left along the wayside with escaped leopards, human experiments and psychedelic journeys.

- 11:00 Bringing Up Baby

- 13.00 Soul Power – A documentary on the legendary soul music concert staged in Kinshasa, Zaire in 1974. Courtesy of Eureka!

- 15:00 The Private Life of Plants: The Social Struggle – the one with the creeping vines taking over everything.

- 16.00 Audience Vote Monster Showdown:King Kong v Godzilla (amphibian triumphs over primate!)

- 18:00 The Island of Lost Souls

- 17:30 The Black Cat

- 21.00 Akira – the original genre-defining anime. courtesy of Manga.

- 23.30 The Sound of Film presents: Movie Theme Karaoke – it was epic!

- 01:00 Holy Mountain